Skills Testing

Measurement of Fundamental Academic Skills
A Developing Mind and Circle of Care Montessori schools are using the Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT 4) to measure the academic achievement of its students enrolled in the Kindergarten and Elementary (1st to 5th grade) programs. The advantage of this achievement test is that it does not require us to teach to the test and maintain the integrity of the Montessori program with individualized learning plans.

The WRAT 4 measures the basic academics skills of reading, spelling, and mathematical computation necessary for effective learning, communication and thinking. The WRAT 4 has four subtests:
• Sentences Comprehension
• Word Reading
• Spelling
• Math Computation

The WRAT 4 has a grade-based norm as well as an age-based norm. It is a quick and psychometrically sound measure of fundamental academic skills. It is helpful in diagnosing learning disabilities, assessing academic progress over time, evaluating achievement/abilities discrepancies, and determining instructional needs.

Our schools remain dedicated to meet the needs of each child and stimulate children to achieve their full potential.