At A Developing Mind Montessori Elementary and The Circle of Care Developmental Preschool we strive to provide teachers and administration that are at the top of their class.


Pascale Cafferty

Co-Owner/Director/French Teacher

Pascale Lucie Cafferty was born and raised in France. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the French University of Caen. She has strived to create environments for children to achieve their full potential. Having had difficulty liking school as a child, Pascale created Circle of Care with her own past experiences in mind. She wanted to create an environment where children could excel academically and look forward to coming to school. When asked about her role as owner/director of Circle of Care and A Developing Mind, Pascale stated, “It is not always easy to fulfill the commitment and responsibilities that come with my job, but is worth it when I walk through the classrooms and I see all of the children happy and learning in a peaceful environment. It makes all of the sleepless nights worth it.” When she is not working, Pascale enjoys skiing, horseback riding, and being with her family. Art is also one her great passions in which she aspires to do more of in the future.

IBI Program

Barb Bradbury

Clinical Supervisor for the IBI/Habilitative Intervention Program

Barbara Bradbury was born in California but raised in Nevada were she married her childhood sweetheart and raised a family. She has lived here for about 7 years and loves this beautiful area. Barbara received a degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Nevada, Reno and has worked with children in one capacity or another for the past 30 years. She has worked as a therapist for the past 5 years providing Intensive Behavior Intervention (IBI) services to children ages 2-18 and has worked with Family Support Services for the last 3 1/2 of those years. During her time in Idaho she has obtained certification has a Developmental Specialist for children birth to 17 years of age. Barbara recently took the position of Clinical Supervisor for the IBI/Habilitative Intervention Program and is excited to be a part of this amazing program which provides services to children in an exclusive setting.

Toddler Program

Hillary MacLachlan

Toddler Teacher

My name is Hillary MacLachlan, I have been married nine years, and am the lucky mom to three children ages 9, 6, and 11 months. I was born and raised in Sonora, CA, and attended UC Irvine as an English Major, however, I decided to join the Army instead of completing that degree program. I was a medic for five years and did two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I also worked in the obstetrics clinic on the base at Fort Campbell, KY. After my enlistment I was fortunate to be able to stay home with my children and go to school to get my degree in Psychology. We moved to Idaho in 2015 upon finding A Developing Mind, confident that this program would give our children the best educational foundation for their future. As I became more familiar with the program and saw my girls excel, I knew that I wanted to complete a Montessori training program and get a better knowledge of the method. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the history and application of the Montessori Method, and I am thrilled to get to be a part of this program at this school.

Preschool Program

Nikki Buell

Preschool Cubs Teacher

My name is Nikki Buell, and I was born and raised in California and recently moved to Post Falls. I danced for 15 years and currently teach group fitness classes. I love music, cooking, baking, and reading.

I volunteered in kindergarten classrooms, and became a “Certified Baby-Sitter” when I was 10. I spent my teenage years baby-sitting, and as an adult I’ve been a nanny multiple times in California, Utah, and New York. I’ve taken courses in child development, received my Phlebotomy Technician license in 2010, and worked as a restaurant manger. I’m so happy to be back working with kids!

I look forward to earning my Montessori certification and learning more ways to help your children grow and learn on a daily basis. It’s so wonderful to watch little things click for them as they’re figuring out life!

Pre-K Program

Alyssa Rouse

Pre-K Teacher

Hi my name is Alyssa Rouse. I was born and raised in Post Falls. I am married to my “middle school sweetheart” and we LOVE the outdoors. We enjoy boating, hiking and riding horses in our free time.

During high school, I attended North Idaho College and Riverbend Tech. I graduated high school with my CNA (certified nurses assistant), but decided teaching was a better fit for me. I have been a part of Idaho Stars for 2 years and have taken many courses on Infant/Toddlers. I’ve subbed for Post Falls School District and spent 2 years teaching the toddler and preschool age groups

Working with children is my passion and I love what I do. Although challenging at times, it’s so rewarding watching them grow and seeing all the amazing things the children conquer throughout the year. It makes it even better knowing I work at an amazing school. Your child is in the right place.

Primary Program

Justyne Collins

Primary Teacher

Bio Coming Soon

Kindergarten Program

Jennifer Hutchings

Kindergarten Teacher

Bio Coming Soon

Elementary Program

Nicole Yearsley

Lower Elementary Teacher

Bio Coming Soon

Afton Allred

Lower Elementary Teacher

Bio Coming Soon

Darlene Rautio

Upper Elementary Teacher

Darlene Rautio is a native of Montana, graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Education and the first 3-6 level of American Montessori Society training. Teaching in Montessori schools in Seattle lead her to continue her Montessori training with the AMS 6-9 level and then the AMS 9-12 level trainings. She holds teaching credentials in both Idaho and Washington.

She has taught every grade level and finds that children at every age can be encouraged to succeed and inspired to a lifelong love of learning as we prepare the children of today for the world of tomorrow.

As a lifelong learner herself, in her personal time she loves to read, explore new places, and compete in dog sports with her beautiful Samoyed dogs.

Specials Programs

Heather Rivière

Coding/Entrepreneurship/French/Robotics/Cooking/Art/Gardening Teacher

Heather Rivière teaches “Specials” (electives) and after-school activities to students in K-8th grade: Coding, Entrepreneurship, Robotics, French, Art, Gardening, and Cooking. She helps coach the First Lego League Robotics competition team in the fall and organizes intramural Battle Bots sessions in the off-season. 

Heather obtained a Bachelor’s degree in French from Hamline University and a graduate degree in English from l’Université de Paris VIII. While in France she nannied, designed and sold crazy hats, taught English to adults, accompanied French students to international language camps, and worked in a variety of international firms. In all, she lived in Paris for 16 years before moving her family to Coeur d’Alene in 2008. Once back in the US, she obtained Idaho teaching certification from LCSC and taught/subbed for high school French for a few years, managed projects for a local translation agency, and then ran her own mobile food truck business, Coeur de Breizh Crepes. She joined A Developing Mind Montessori in summer 2018 and LOVES having the opportunity to work with students again, bringing her eclectic life experiences and can-do attitude into the classroom in a multitude of ways.

Heather’s free time is spent with family and pets (a Eurasier dog, three rescue cats, 2 Guinea pigs, and Sparky, the Coding class beta fish mascot LOL), taking photos, doing DIY and art projects, gardening, and exploring the PNW.

Coding: Coding is “Writing a set of words (ie instructions), or code, that tell a computer what to do. The words need to be written in a special language that the computer will understand.” In this class, students get acquainted with basic coding jargon, and develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills. They start with the CodeSpark Academy online program and then proceed to the curriculum. Both programs present fun, interactive puzzles that require them to apply critical analysis to understand the challenge at hand, plan their code, test their solution, and then try again when things don’t work out quite as expected. It is exciting to see them develop grit and creativity, and embrace “failing” as a normal and valuable part of the learning process. As they master the concepts and solve the different levels of puzzles, they are able to apply what they have learned in game programming activities also.

Entrepreneurship: Using the KIDPRENEURS Young Entrepreneurs with BIG Ideas book as a starting point for discussions, as well as the authors’ exclusive KIDPRENEURS ACADEMY online content, students learn all about entrepreneurship and what it takes to start up a money-making business or activity. They participate actively in brainstorming, problem-solving, critical thinking, persuasive speaking, debate, research, and planning/organizational activities. The goal is for them to have tested their ideas about a money-making activity or activities at school or at home at least once by the end of the year.

French: Students are learning all about French culture and language. Younger classes (K-2) are taught mostly through singing, games, and repetition. Students may also have textbook content and written exercises, memorize vocabulary and verb conjugations, and/or use role-playing and grammar comparison/contrast with the English language to better understand the language and express themselves with more complex exchanges in French. (Parents/students can check out my playlists of French songs by searching in Youtube for “Heather Riviere playlists”).

Robotics: Using Lego Mindstorms software and building materials, Kindergarten students learn how to program an NXT robot to perform a variety of tasks. Students in 1st-7th grade on the other hand get selected to attend Open Robotics Lab when they are doing a great job in their homeroom classes. They follow Lego Mindstorms NXT tutorials and create specific robots or let their imaginations run wild and invent their own robot, individually and/or in small groups. Additionally we have a First Lego League Robotics Team made of seven 3rd-7th grade students that compete at the Regional and State level. When the FLL Robotics season is finished, students can create robots by participating in the one-month after-school Battle Bots workshops

Cooking: Students in 1st-5th grade are selected to attend Cooking Class when they are doing a great job in their homeroom classes. They work both individually and cooperate in small groups to create a variety of culinary concoctions in our Middle School’s commercial kitchen. They learn different prepping, cooking, and baking techniques and terminology, and make mathematical calculations with solid and liquid measuring cups/spoons and metric kitchen scales. (And of course they get to eat their creations!) Kindergartners also have the opportunity to bake each week once they have integrated the Montessori program and demonstrated their ability to follow instructions and be safe in a kitchen environment.

Gardening: Students in 1st-5th grade are selected to attend to Gardening when they are doing a great job in their homeroom classes. They built a compost bin with palettes to recycle plant-based food waste, and are making sure that their colonies of red wriggler worms are well-fed. In the past they have tended to tomato plants, strawberries plants, raspberries bushes, onions, cucumbers, the apple trees, and the rosebushes. We also have a commercial-grade indoor hydroponic vertical garden that some of the Middle School students constructed during a summer camp at Gizmo-CdA. We are testing this structure to see how to best utilize it (the lights, watering system, and growing temperature are proving more challenging than anticipated!) We also have a small independent seed starter kit and hope to get a head start on our vegetable gardens each spring by starting the seedlings indoors.

Art: Students in 1st-5th grade are selected to attend to Art when they are doing a great job in their homeroom classes. From block prints to painting to drawing to jewelry-making to woodworking to mosaics, students will have the opportunity to express themselves each week in art class. Kindergartners also have the opportunity to make art each week once they have integrated the Montessori program and demonstrated their ability to follow instructions and be safe in an art studio environment.

Patsy Anderson

Spanish Teacher

My name is “mi nombre es”, Patsy Anderson, a native Spanish speaker from South America, born in Ecuador, known for “la Isla Galapagos” the Galapagos Island. Prior to my family relocating to California at the age of eight, I also studied English as a second language in my country as a kid (who knew the earlier you start the easier it is to become linguistic) I don’t recall as a child ever having trouble transitioning from one language to the other. Nonetheless, while continuing my schooling in the U.S., many of my childhood summers were spent abroad to practice and maintain my Castilian fluency and dialect.

After I graduated from South Bay College of Business, my work experience has been in special projects, business translations and interpretations for over 25 years to major companies. I also, helped chaired the WalkAmerica for BCC (Blue Cross of California) for the March of Dimes, a non-profit organization who helps awareness on premature babies.

Being bilingual has blessed me to assist other and given me great opportunities, it’s broaden my path which leaded me to four joyful years working with children teaching them Spanish, I am also, TPRS certified (Teaching Proficiency thru Reading and Storytelling) techniques.

In a personal level, I am married with 3 sons. We enjoy the outdoors, anything that involves family time. On my free time I enjoy gardening, attending to my chickens and making custom jewelry with semi-precious stones.


Mandarin Teacher

Bio Coming Soon

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