Nutrition Program

Nutrition Program
Breakfast and snacks are served daily at The Circle of Care and A Developing Mind. Students are asked to bring their own lunch from home.

Breakfast is served daily from 7-8:30 am. Dry cereal is offered daily, as well as a choice of waffles, fruit, or breakfast bars.

Snack Options:
All snacks contain 2 of the 4 components:

Milk: Vitamin D, 1% and Non-Fat

Fruit/Vegetable: Banana, Apples, Pears, Oranges, Raisins, Melons, Applesauce, Carrots and Broccoli.

Grain/Bread: Animal Crackers, Graham Crackers, Ritz, Wheat thins, Granola bars, Pretzels, Popcorn, Dry Cereal, Gold Fish, WW Bagels, WW English Muffins, WW Bread

Protein: Cold Cuts, Nuts, Cheese, Yogurt & PB