Middle School

Grades: 6 to 8

The Middle School program continues the forward progression of the student toward independent learning and exploration, while in a safe environment that allows the adolescent to change their own ability to change and grow in a smaller class environment.

It continues to build upon the lessons that have come before to create a firm foundation in the student’s education. The Upper Elementary student is growing in their independence and will often work in small groups on project-based learning curriculum to research and discover knowledge on their own.

The Middle School language curriculum expands the word and grammar study and applies these in their writing and reading work while maintaining the state standards for each age group. Students learn the skills of expository writing and writing conventions. Novel based reading groups expand their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

The Math curriculum offers real world lessons and materials that help the students build knowledge and understanding of problem-solving, decimal computation, as well as geometry and pre-algebra.

Upper Middle School study includes an exploration of the cultural evolution of humans, as well as studies of various civilizations and values systems of differing communities and political structures.

The biological and earth science materials build upon lessons begun in the Upper Elementary but extend into how those sciences affect ecosystems and global communities.

Where to Find Us

A Developing Mind Montessori Elementary School

1301 East 3rd Ave.
Post Falls, Idaho


The Circle of Care Developmental Preschool

3755 E. Covington Ave.
Post Falls, Idaho


Office: 208.777.1600
Fax: 208.777.1616

School Hours

Open Monday through Friday 7am-5:30pm.

We are closed for holidays, please see our calendar for specific dates. We are open year round but do not hold regular class academics during the summer and regular school breaks. Instead, during those times, we are open regular hours but run “Camp” style programs.

Dates to Remember