Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language affords great opportunities for growth and development in young children. Some studies have suggested that multilingualism correlates with improved cognitive development. Additionally, children who are learning foreign languages are also showing greater sensitivities to other cultures and customs. In a globalized economy, it is increasingly more imperative to know a second language for career success.

Our students, at Circle of Care, start with an introduction to Spanish in the toddler, pre-school and pre-kindergarten classes. They will continue with Spanish and begin French and Mandarin once they enter our kindergarten program at A Developing Mind. Throughout their elementary years, our students have weekly classes in Spanish, Mandarin, and French.

Foriegn Language
Patsy Anderson
Spanish Teacher

My name is “mi nombre es”, Patsy Anderson, a native Spanish speaker from South America, born in Ecuador, known for “la Isla Galapagos” the Galapagos Island. Prior to my family relocating to California at the age of eight, I also studied English as a second language in my country as a kid (who knew the earlier you start the easier it is to become linguistic) I don’t recall as a child ever having trouble transitioning from one language to the other. Nonetheless, while continuing my schooling in the U.S., many of my childhood summers were spent abroad to practice and maintain my Castilian fluency and dialect.

After I graduated from South Bay College of Business, my work experience has been in special projects, business translations and interpretations for over 25 years to major companies. I also, helped chaired the WalkAmerica for BCC (Blue Cross of California) for the March of Dimes, a non-profit organization who helps awareness on premature babies.

Being bilingual has blessed me to assist other and given me great opportunities, it’s broaden my path which leaded me to four joyful years working with children teaching them Spanish, I am also, TPRS certified (Teaching Proficiency thru Reading and Storytelling) techniques.

In a personal level, I am married with 3 sons. We enjoy the outdoors, anything that involves family time. On my free time I enjoy gardening, attending to my chickens and making custom jewelry with semi-precious stones.

Pascale Cafferty
French Teacher

My name is Pascale and I was born in Normandy, France. I moved to the United Sates in 1997. For the past few years I have enjoyed teaching French to the students at A Developing Mind. I will often use a variety of materials and curriculums to introduce them to French. We learn songs, colors, greetings, and essential phrases. The older students often work on researching famous and historical figures of France in order to learn a little bit more about the culture and history of France. This year, the Upper Elementary students (3rd, 4th and 5th grade) will build a 5 feet tall Eiffel Tower, and will do so using only French to communicate with each other during the construction phase. This should be extremely fun and interesting was to apply their language skills and I am so looking forward to it.

I so enjoy being greeted in French by our students as I walk through the school, and nowadays, it is even more impressive as we can hear them throughout the school greeting each other in Mandarin and Spanish as well.

Na Tan
Mandarin Teacher

My Name is Na Tan. I use Tina as my English name. I am from Hunan China. I graduated from Hunan Institute of Humanities, Science and Technology with a Bachelor degree in Education. I taught English in China for 7 years. The majority of my students were ages 6 to 15. I taught some adults in the evenings as well. I was accepted by the Visiting International Faculty (VIF) program in 2013. I moved to the United States in September 2013. I currently live in Spokane Washington. I tutor Chinese students attending colleges in Seattle using on line medium.

I love to teach children both language and culture as well. China has a rich and diverse history and culture. I am an active and lively teacher. I love to teach using a variety of learning games and activities. Learning Chinese is fun! I will be teaching numbers, colors, days of the week, animals, body parts, and useful sentences. Greetings, family, and asking questions and much more. We will also learn Chinese culture during class.

Foreign Language Classroom

P.S. I have a specific syllabus below.

第一单元 问好和介绍 (Greetings and Introduction)
第1课 你好 (Hello!)
第2课 你叫什么名字? (What’s your name?)
第二单元 中文数字和颜色 ( Numbers and Colors)
第3课 你几岁? (How old are you?)
第4课 你喜欢什么颜色?(What color do you like?)
第三单元 我的家人 (My family)
第5课 我的家 (My house)
第6课 哥哥和姐姐 (sisters and brothers)

第四单元 认识身体(Body parts)
第7课 这是什么?(What’s this?)
第8课 他是谁?(whose he/ she?)
第五单元 我在这里(I am here.)
第9课 你去哪儿?(Where are you going?)
第10课 这里是学校(This is school.)
第六单元 时间和日期(time and date)
第11课 今天星期几?(What day is it today?)
第12课 现在几点?(What time is it?)
第七单元 我们是朋友(We are friends!)
第13课 你认识他吗? (Do you know him / her?)
第14课 认识你很高兴 (Nice to meet you.)