The 2014/15 FLL Team the Lego Warriors were featured on KREM 2 News this week. We are so proud of our team!

Taylor Viydo, 7 p.m. PST January 29, 2015

POST FALLS, Idaho — A group of some very smart Post Fall elementary students are making a big impact within their school.

The lego robotics team from A Developing Mind Montessori have developed their own method for helping out classmates that have special needs. It was all part of a statewide lego robotics competition.

They call themselves the Lego Warriors and to say these students at A Developing Mind Montessori are into lego robots would be an understatement.

“I like the building part, I really love building with all the legos,” said Emma who is a member of the Lego Warriors.

Last Saturday and Sunday, the team competed in Moscow as part of a competition involving teams from all over North Idaho.

While making sure the robot functioned correctly was a big part, there was another part of the competition.

The team had to come up with a method to help someone understand a world issue. The warriors chose students with disabilities. Their solution, the “5 step wonder,” Observe, Ask, Comfort, Find a Solution, and be patient.

They were also required to present their idea to someone and they chose us here at KREM 2 News.

The team collaborated with a local therapist in developing the method to help others with special needs. It was important to the kids, because they said many of their classmates have learning disabilities.

“It’s important to the person receiving help and the person giving help,” said JT a lego Warrior. “I think both makes them feel really good.”

It was not just J.T., that felt better for helping.

“It makes me feel really good, because you’re doing something nice for other people and not just yourself,” said Emma

The Lego Warriors plan to use there method on a daily basis among themselves when they work with classmates that have special needs.

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