An initial interview with the Director shall take place to discuss program options and openings at The Circle of Care Developmental Preschool and A Developing Mind Montessori Elementary. An application packet shall be given to parents wishing to enroll their child. Once the application is received and the enrollment fee is paid, parents/guardians will be given a Parent Handbook and steps will be taken to introduce the child into the classroom and school setting. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to update forms as necessary, such as new vaccinations, change of phone number or employer, etc. All families will be asked to re-enroll their child each year in order to update forms and status.

To set up an intitial tour of our facilities or for an enrollment packet, please contact Owner/Director Pascale Cafferty 208-777-1600 or

A Circle of Care Preschool and A Developing Mind Elementary are “year round” schools, meaning they are open and families are encouraged to bring your children for the full twelve months. Some families, who have children enrolled in the Elementary Program, may choose to take time off in the summer, thus, we offer a 10 month program beginning the day after Labor Day in September and ending June 30th.

Toddler Program

Full Time (5 days per week)



Part Time (3 days per week)


Preschool, Pre-k, & Kindergarten

​Full Time (5 days per week)



Part Time (3 days per week)



Full Time (5 days per week)


Summer Camps


Regular class tuition for monthly attendance.

Registration Fees: $125/year for New Students & $55/year for Returning Students
Where to Find Us

A Developing Mind Montessori Elementary School

1301 East 3rd Ave.
Post Falls, Idaho


The Circle of Care Developmental Preschool

3755 E. Covington Ave.
Post Falls, Idaho


Office: 208.777.1600
Fax: 208.777.1616

School Hours

Open Monday through Friday 7am-5:30pm.

We are closed for holidays, please see our calendar for specific dates. We are open year round but do not hold regular class academics during the summer and regular school breaks. Instead, during those times, we are open regular hours but run “Camp” style programs.

Dates to Remember
There are no upcoming events at this time.