Directors Letter Fall 2015

Dear Families,

I would like to welcome back all the students and their families to a new and wonderful school year.

As we begin a new school year, we find teachers establishing school standards and rules. In the most successful classrooms, teachers have established specific routines for the children to follow. At home, it is also important to provide routines. Routines, blended with consistent and clear expectations provide children with the security of understanding their environments, in which they can be reinforced positively for their contributions.

At Circle of Care “The Kids Music Round” is back! Ms. Sam is looking forward to another great year with everyone. The CDs are here and you should be receiving yours soon. This semester the children will be doing “Red Round”. If you would like to order a songbook for $10.00 or an extra CD for $15 please call Sam at 509-599-1900. The order will need to be in by September 25th.

On another note, our Robotic teachers, Evan, Katie and Mandy, are working hard with the students at A Developing Mind on programming new missions and new Robot designs. Additionally, they are preparing our First Lego League team for their first competition, which is scheduled in early December. This year’s challenge “Trash Trek” is all about recycling.

The Lego Robotic after school club is full at this moment. We will try to add students when possible. Thanks for your patience.

Fall pictures are right around the corner, and scheduled for November 9th at A Developing Mind and November 10th at Circle of Care. The Lifetouch Picture team will take the pictures of the children at the Circle of Care and A Developing Mind.

There are several dates to look out for:

On October 22nd at 5:30pm we will have a parent class on Nutrition and Children. The class will be taking place at A Developing Mind and will be conducted by Echo Heiman.

Echo is a senior at the University of Idaho. She will graduate May 2016 with her Bachelors of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Dietetics & Nutrition. She plans to continue her education to become a Board Certified Pediatric Dietitian & Nutritionist in order to serve both children and their families.

Echo is also the mother of two very energetic boys, both of which attend A Developing Mind & Circle of Care. Her boys are the reason for her return back to school, since she recognized the important role nutrition plays in their growth and development. She is always happy to share her passion for food and nutrition with others. If you are interested in attending the class please complete the attached questionnaire and return it to Pascale by 10/02/15.

On October 30th the children will be celebrating Halloween. Please check with your children’s teachers for details.

Parent/teachers conferences are held at A Developing Mind the week before Thanksgiving. Teachers will have a sign up for appointments.

The Christmas Concert is scheduled for December 11th at 6pm at Faith Ministries in Post Falls. I am so looking forward to it…

Also, keep in mind that both schools are open for Holiday Camps, during the Christmas break, with the exception of the 24th, 25th and 31st of December and the 1st of January.

THINGS TO KNOW: the Art Therapy program, with Ms. Diane, provides weekly sessions to children who have been identified as needing additional emotional supports. Art therapy can provide children with an easier way to express themselves, since children are more naturally artistic and creative. A young child is usually more comfortable expressing his emotions and feelings with some crayons and markers than with words. Our teachers are often noticing that a child is having a difficult time, and after speaking with parents will make the referral to Ms. Diane for Art therapy. However, if you feel your child could benefit, please feel free to email me and let me know that you would like your child included in the program.

Every year our schools hold a couple of fundraisers. The proceeds help with our wish list, and have been throughout the years a major asset to our schools. Last year with the proceeds from the Christmas tree fundraiser we were able to replace flooring in a classroom, spread bark and buy a rock climbing equipment at Circle of Care. We were also able to replace academic materials and buy new computers and a new EV3 for the Robotic program at Developing Mind.

This year, we are planning to have two themed decorated Christmas trees with gifts. Raffle tickets will be sold for the trees. If you are able to help with a donation, or in volunteering it will be much appreciated. Please contact me at if you are interested in participating.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all our parents and grandparents, who volunteer in our classrooms on a weekly basis. It does make such a difference in the life of our schools to have their support and assistance. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please let me know.

At the end of last school year For Sale signs were placed on the lawn of A Developing Mind. After exploring all of our options we have decided to acquire a different building in Post Falls on 3rd street, at this time the building, is under a complete remodel and we hoping to move sometime this winter. The reasons for that choice were many and all very positive for the children and the teachers. This is a great opportunity for our school to grow and improve. More space which will allow us to add a science lab, and with the assistance of Edmonton University we have already purchased 4 Microscopes, better playground, and great neighborhood with access to the river and park. To make it easier on our families we will also be opening a Primary Classroom at the new location, so siblings of A Developing Mind students can all be in the same building. Of course you will be given the choice to move or to stay at Circle of Care if you wish it. Miss Justyne will be our lead teacher for this new classroom. Justyne graduated last school year with her Montessori certification for age 3 to 6. As we get closer to the move I will provide you with more detailed information.

Please always feel free to contact me. I can be reached at: (208)777-1600, or email:


Pascale Cafferty