Baby Program

Ages: 3 to 24 months

Ages: 3 to 24 months

The program for our babies focuses on consistency, predictability, and reliability in the care they receive. Our goal is to develop a sense of basic trust in their care. This trust develops a calm patience that comes from the certainty that the caregiver will be there when needed. In addition, we attempt to provide a calm and soothing ambiance, avoiding the stress that comes with a noisy overstimulated environment. Nap, play, snack, and cuddle times are regular but always adjusted according to the needs of the child that day.

For our waddlers (12 -18 months) routine and consistency are huge. They can expect to focus on problem solving, social behavior, and self-regulation, while we encourage their growing independence. We recognize problems are learning opportunities for our waddlers and strive to use these moments to teach good choices.

Life skills like eating at the table, laying down for nap, and quietly putting on our boots for outside time are just a small part of what we focus on. Story time, song time, art, and meal times are all used as teaching opportunities.

In summary, our infant-toddler education involves helping our children learn to solve problems and respond appropriately to stresses while we model desirable behavior. Our ultimate goal is to assist our little ones in seeing themselves as problem solvers who can exercise self-control and do so in a safe and comforting environment.

Baby Program Daily Schedule
Time Activity Time Activity
7:00 am Breakfast 12:00 pm Lunch
8:30 am Cleanup / Diaper Changes 12:30 pm Cleanup / Diaper Changes
9:00 am Play Time 1:00 pm Bubbles / Sensory Time
9:30 am Reading / Lap Time / Project Time 2:15 pm Cleanup / Diaper Changes
10:00 am Snack 2:30 pm Nap Time
10:15 am Cleanup / Diaper Changes 3:30 pm Wake Up / Lap Tim
10:30 am Nap Time 4:00 pm Snack
11:00 am Quiet Time / Wake Up Time 4:30 pm Cleanup / Free Play